Tuesday, May 8th 2018: Anything Is Possible!

Today was quite interesting...

School was quite the drag but what's new, I think I know what I want to persue as a carrer, I want to become a journilist.

I've been told by my friends I'm quite eloquintly spoken and my teachers and peers seem to think that my work would be exceptional in a professional setting. I've never been sure, but I love writing and I would love to persue it as a carrer choice.


Another thing that happened today,

An olympian came to our school and spat some BS about "Everything is possible"

I now know the truth, I made a sandwich with butter on it and I accidentally dropped it and it didnt land on the butter side!

A  N  Y  T  H  I  N  G    I  S    P  O  S  S  I  B  L  E


Anyway, That was my day, I hope yours was as productive as mine! (In my opinion)

Yours Truely:

Terry Lynch tic tac son knickskalack from the 3rd dimention of scrumpus 98, son of tic tac never seen the light, never seen my own feet.